Friday, January 11, 2008

Situbondo - cycling day 14 - 30-12-2007

Room Price : 50,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 90.84 Km
Start Time : 5.15 am ----------------------------End Time : 1.30 pm
Start City : Situbonda -----------------End City : Ketapang (Banyuwangi)
Start Km : 1154.85 --------------------------------End Km : 1245.70 km
Cycling Time :6 hr.25mints ------------------Grand Total: 14964
Average Speed : 14.01 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 43.5 Km

Situbondo to Asembagus, Wongsorejo, Ketapang
After 36km from Situbondo is a forest reseved area. Locals told me its 7km but it turn to be 21km Up hill and down, some places I have to push my bike up. It's too high form me to cycle. Not less than 12 places I have to stop and push. I took a ferry to Gilimanuk(Bali) from Ketapang ferry terminal. Fare 5.000R with my bike. I stay in Gilimanuk a night.

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