Friday, January 11, 2008

Pura Rambut Siwi - cycling day 16 - 1-1-2008

Room Price : 70,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 79.11 Km
Start Time : 5.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 2.30 pm
Start City : Rambutsiwi -----------------End City : Denpasar
Start Km : 1300.9 Km --------------------------------End Km : 1379.21 km
Cycling Time :5 hr.50mints ------------------Grand Total: 150.19 Km
Average Speed : 11.05 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 52 Km

Rambutsiwi to Pekutatan, Gumbrik, Surebratan, Selemadeg, Tabanan, Mengwi, Denpasar.
The day was fine but the hills are terrible. I had the same experience in Vietnam a few years back. I cycle with pain on my buttock and legs, Earlier I think I wanted to stop in Tabanan but I wanted to go near to Kuta. I have to stop many time to push my bike up the hills. One local cyclist take me to the hotel and he was a guide for me. He is a nice guy ones he was working for the government.
One of the beach side to TubanA pura or a temple on the to Rambutsiwi

Kilo Meter stone on the to Denpasar

In one of the Pura the Agong and devotees

Police Man and the Police station

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