Friday, January 11, 2008

Denpasar - cycling day 17 - 2-1-2008

Room Price : 125,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 12.50 Km
KmStart Time : 6.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 7.30 pm
Start City : Denpasar --------------------------End City : Kuta
Start Km : 1379.21 Km --------------------------------End Km : 1391.71 km
Cycling Time :0 hr.56mints ------------------Grand Total: 15110
Speed : 13.01 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km
Denpasar to Kuta
I started at 6.00am, not knowing it is 12,5 km to Kuta. Denpasar is beautiful big town. A lot of hand Craft things are sold here. Specially statue of Hindu gods. I have a friend in Kuta which was introduce by Me Me the lady I met in Kijang. I met Mr.Bangman, he is the manager of Sri Ratu Hotel in Kuta. He discount me the rate for the room. Bali is the only Hotel I paid higher price. Soon after check in I went to the airport to book my flight ticket. I manage to get the flight on the 5th.1.2008. And paid 800.00Rm with the bike with Air Asia. And paid 150.000R for service Tax.

A tall statue on the road side to Denpasar

One of the pura in Rambutsiwi

Sunset in Pura Rambutsiwi at 6.30pm

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