Saturday, December 29, 2007

Subrabaya - Cycling day 12 - 26-12-2007

Room Price : 40,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 105.54 Km
Start Time : 6.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 2.30 pm
Start City : Subrabaya -----------------End City : Probolinggo
Start Km : 948.68 Km --------------------------------End Km : 1054.22 km
Cycling Time :6 hr.45mints ------------------Grand Total: 14772
Average Speed : 15.06 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Tuban to Surabaya- Cycling day 10The roads are bad and Hilly and the traffic heavier than other roads. It was raining very heavily at about 12.30pm. People here seems to like rain. Boys, girls, women and men playing in the rain with their small children's. I reach Surabaya with wet all over my body and bags. I was in the rain for more than 3hrs.

Tuban - Cycling Day 11 - 25-12-2007

Room Price : 85,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 107.90 Km
Start Time : 6.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 3.00 pm
Start City : Tuban -----------------End City : Surabaya
Start Km : 840.18 Km --------------------------------End Km : 948.68 km
Cycling Time :7 hr.7mints ------------------Grand Total: 14666
Average Speed : 15.01 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Tuban to Palang, Brondong, Paciran, Sadayu, Bungah, Gresik and Surabaya
The roads are bad and hilly,the traffic was heavy, Met a good English speaking guy, he is teaching here. After 80km of cycling heavy rain stated. A lot of rain water on the road and saw my local people old, mid-age and children and even young girls playing in the rain. Looks like they love to play in the rain.

Tambakboyo - Cyling day 10 - 24-12-2007

Room Price : 95,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 35 Km
Start Time : 6.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 10.00 am
Start City : Tambakboyo -----------------End City : Tuban
Start Km : 805.77 Km --------------------------------End Km : 840.18 km
Cycling Time :2 hr.13mints ------------------Grand Total: 14559
Average Speed : 15.07 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

It was a short cycling day to tubah. The day was hot and I dry my wet clothes in the hotel, Here I met my friend's mother in-laws. He marry a Indon lady a few years ago. They are nice people and I stay a night in their house. At many local people came to visit me. Most of them are poor with less in come.
Hashim wife's Family member

Some local people wait for bus

Indon Wedding

To 24th Sunday 12.07. I left my friends house to Tuban. Tuban is a big town have a good Internet. I repaired my bike. Change the Tyres. It was raining here too. I cycle only 35km I have to dry my wet clothes, pass three days I did not wash any of them. I wanted to post some post cards. Its too expensive here to Post. No meaning I bought the card for 3.000R and postage cost me 20.000R. I better come back to Malaysia and post to my friends. I have 30 cards.Went I was cycling to Tuban I saw a Indon wedding. As I was taking some pictures a man came with a gift to me. A bag with cakes and sweets.

Pati - Cycling Day 9 - 23-12-2007

Room Price :80.000 --------------------------Cycle Today : 123 Km
Start Time : 6.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 3.00 pm
Start City : Pati -----------------End City : Tambakboyo
Start Km : 682.77 Km --------------------------------End Km : 805.77 km
Cycling Time :7 hr.45mints ------------------Grand Total: 14524
Average Speed : 15.08 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Pati to Juana Kaliori, Rembang, Kragan, Bulu(Jawa Timor), Bancar and Tambakboyo.
Some places the roads are good, I wanted to visit a friend's family here. But I miss the road and was heading to Tuban. I ask the locals they said I have to cycle back 10km. So I have to turn back, cause I promise my friend I will make a visit to his family.

Workers at the hotel Semarang
Shopping Center in Semarang
Lady with motorbike carrying some goods to the market Man fishing along the river after rain

Semarang - Cycling Day 8 - 22-12-2007

Room Price : 40,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 91.75 Km
Start Time : 6.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 2.30 pm
Start City : Semarang -----------------End City : Pati
Start Km : 94.81 Km --------------------------------End Km : 682.77 km
Cycling Time :6 hr.4mints ------------------Grand Total: 14401
Average Speed : 15.01 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Semarang to Sayung, Demak, Karanganyar, Kudus, Jekuto, Margorejo, Pati
Today 22Th. 12.007 Thursday.I reach Pati at 3pm. It was raining all the way. Pati is a small town. I met two HC members in Semarang they came to meet me. Both of them are students in University in Semarang They are friendly too. One of the girls I met is waiting for a job. Looks like many University students are jobless here

Indon Wedding ceromany on the way to bride family.
Small break after a long ride
Planting padi

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

HC Member - Rest Day 1 - 21-12-2007

Today the 21rd.12.07.FridayI am tried cycling non stop for 6 days So took a break. One of HC member came to see in morning, we went for a tea, and talk about life in both countries. She took me to the bank cause I have to send some money home. I drive the motorbike and a police man Stop me for road offenses. I paid the fine of 67.000R. It was bad luck.At night there some young boys were drinking Vodka after their job. I join them.They are poor but they enjoy with me and buy Vodka for me.

Gas from the ground burning 24hrs. This guys work hard and enjoy them self at night
Hospitality Club Member in Semarang
Old lady with bags on her back going to Market

Subah - Cycling Day 7 - 20-12-2007

Room Price : 60.000R --------------------------Cycle Today : 80 Km
Start Time : 5.30 am ----------------------------End Time : 1.00 pm
Start City : Subah -------------------------End City : Semarang
Start Km : 380.81 Km--------------------------------End Km : 591.01
Cycling Time : 5hr. 21mints ------------------Grand Total: 14309 km
Average Speed : 14.8Km----------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Subah to Gringsing, Weleri, Kendal, Kaliwungu, Semarang
Today 20.12.07. Subah is a small town, I met a navy man here, he severed the navy for 20 years. He showed me some bullets.He was a very friendly guy. He has a guesthouse. I cycle to Semarang with the rain for 3hrs. Its raining time here. There are many hill here and I have to cycle up and down all the way to Semarang.

Guest House Room in Subah The Navy officers and meWoo!!! it's heavy bulletMorning breakfast in a roadside Stall Sea food restoran new the seaside

Tegal, Jawa - Cycling Day 6 - 19-12-2007

Room Price : 46.000R --------------------------Cycle Today : 77.61 Km
Start Time : 6.00 am----------------------------End Time : 3.00 pm
Start City : Keramat --------------------End City : Subah
Start Km : 433.59 Km--------------------------------End Km : 511.21 Km
Cycling Time : 5hr. 01mints ------------------Grand Total: 14229
Average Speed : 15.5 Km----------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Keramat to Pemalang, Batang, Subah
Today the 19th.Dec.2007 Wednesday, I am in Tegal, Jawa Tengah.It was fine cycling day. I wanted to rest today, normally I do rest 3 days of cycling and rest 1 day. But Losari don't have Internet service so I start cycling to a Place where I can sit in the inter net. I cycle down 60km from Losari to Jalan Keramat, Tegal. Stay in a Hotel for 60.000R. It was raining , I took a bus back to Tegal and found the internet. I have to look many place and took 3 buses to get there.Most of the people here don't know where the internet cafe and how far in km or distant. I stop at a junction and ask a police man how far is Brebes to Pekalongan, he said 10km Pak. No!!No!! it's 50km.

Carrying drinking waterOnion Plants

Losari - Cycling day 5 - 18-12-2007

Room Price : 60,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 52.78 Km
Start Time : 5.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 10.00 am
Start City : Losasi ------------------------End City : Keramat Tegal
Start Km : 380.81 Km --------------------------------End Km : 433.59 km
Cycling Time :3 hr.0mints ------------------Grand Total: 14151
Average Speed : 15.00 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Losari to Brebes, Tegal.
Wake up at 4.30 am. The roads is good and less trafices. When to inter net update my block. Keramat is a small village, I have to take bus to Tegal a big town.

Lorbenar - Cycling Day 4 - 17-12-2007

Room Price : 50.000R --------------------------Cycle Today : 96 Km
Start Time : 7.00 am----------------------------End Time : 2.00 pm
Start City : Lohbener --------------------End City :Lobasi
Start Km : 284.18 Km--------------------------------End Km : 380.81 Km
Cycling Time : 6hr. 16mints ------------------Grand Total: 14099
Average Speed : 15.3 Km----------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Karawang to Cikampek, Latisari, Pusakanegara, Kandanghaur and Lohbener
Today is 17th Tuesday started at 6.00 am. It was a fine day until 12.30pm. It start to rain, I stop and wait for the rain to stop but it did not. I keep on cycling for 2hrs in the rain. I cycle 95km from Lorbenar to Losari. Losari the the border to Jawa Tengah and Jawa Barat. It is close to sea. I stay in a simple guest house with Indon Family. Before I arrived in Indonisea I was afraid of the people here. I received bad information about Indon people. As I mix with them everyday but now I don't have fear of them. Maybe there are some bad guys around, Every where in the World there are bad guys and good guys. May be my luck is good meeting wonderful people all my way. This town is small and a lot of fisherman live here.

Local Bus in Town

Karawang - Cycling Day 3 - 16-12-2007

Room Price : 80,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 65 Km
Start Time : 7.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 2.00 pm
Start City : Jakarta -----------------End City : Karawang
Start Km : 94.81 Km --------------------------------End Km : 159.81 km
Cycling Time :5 hr.0mints ------------------Grand Total: 13879
Average Speed : 15.00 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Today is Sunday the 16th I cycling down to Karawang about 65km from Jakarta. The road were busy and heavy traffic with big lorry's and buses. They are hell drivers. Just like in South India. I manage to ride safely. I stay a night in Karawang. I spend 3 hrs in Internet and did nothing. Very bad inter net connection. Foods and logging are so bad.

Moving sewing shop
Bicycle with children playing machine
Hotel Kerawang
Picture from the top of a brige

Jakarta - Cycling Day 2 - 15-12-2007

Room Price : 80,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 65 km
KmStart Time : 7.00 am ----------------------------End Time : 2.00 pm
Start City : Jakarta -----------------End City : Karawang
Start Km : 94.81 km --------------------------------End km : 159.81 km
Cycling Time :5 hr.0mints ------------------Grand Total: 13879
Average Speed : 15.00 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

Cycling, Jakarta to Tambun and Karawang (Jawa Barat)
Wake up at 6.00am. It was bright, the time different is one hour with Malaysia time. Took breakfast with Gopal's staff. Cycling was good, I have to ask many people. I pass by a small to call Tambun before I reach Karawang. I did a short cycling because I have to repack my bags. I have see the map and route again.

Met some locals on the way to Karawang
The room I stay in Jakarta
One of the building in Jakarta Town

Waiting for me to ride in Jawa.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pulau Perio - Cycling Day 1 - 14-12-2007

Room Price : 50.000R --------------------------Cycle Today : 12 Km
Start Time : 2.00 pm ----------------------------End Time : 4.32 pm
Start City : Pulau Perio (Jakarta) -----------End City :Mangga 2 (Jakarta)
Start Km : 82.81 Km--------------------------------End Km : 94.81 Km
Cycling Time : 1hr. 30mints ------------------Grand Total: 13814 Km
Average Speed : 15.5 Km----------------------Highest Speed : 22.5 Km

I reach at Pulau Perio at a port in Jakarta. Too bring down my bike from the Vessel I have to pay 15.000R. I cycle down to Jalan Mangga 2, Here I want to meet a friend introduce by a friend in Malaysia Veno. I met Mr. Gopal at his office. He gave me some advice and warn me of the people of Indonesia, Mr. Gopal introduce one of his staff to me and he took me to his house. I spend a night with him. He live on top floor of a old wooden building in Jakarta town. I have to go down for bath and pay 1000R. It was fun and feel how the poor people live in Town. At night he took me round the Jakarta Town. We had a few bottle of beers. He was very friendly man. He is expecting to be a father in two month time. I have no problem cycling from Pulau Perio to Jakarta Town. The traffic was heavy but things goes well. They are crazy drivers but I have to be crazy too.

Pulau Perio Port
Sign Board to Main Town
Hari Raya Haji, wait for Kurban

Some pictures taken on the ship

One way ticket to Jakarta
The Indon Sea
Sunset at the Sea

Sleep bed in the crew Cabinet