Thursday, January 24, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back Home

I pack my bike in a box. Took the flight at 8.00pm. Paid 710RM and 80.000R for my bike and 150.000 for airport tax, Landed in K.L 11.00pm. I stay in my brother's house in Kajang. Next morning I took a bus to Parit Buntar. Reach home safely and happy to see my family again. Thanks to all my new friends for guideing me during my cycling trip in Jawa-Bali.
Some tourist with surfing broad in Kuta beach

Last picture with my bike in Situbondo
My Great bike is in the box at the air port
Local Express Bus in Malaysia.
My Next cycling trip is to China in June 2008, Beijing 8.8.80 Olympic games opening ceremony

Friday, January 11, 2008

More Pictures in Bali

Night With Irises Couple

I met Peter and Mary in Sri Ratu Hotel in Kuta. Very nice couple and friendly. I learn about the Bali culture from Peter, he explain to the history of Bali too. Night he took to a Indian restoran in Kutu, Very good food and drinks, I enjoy the evening very much with them. He a web-site about Sri ratu hotel.

Me Mary and Peter in the restoran
Big strong and friendly man
Some workers in the Indian Restoran in Kuta
Peter with a big simle

Sri Ratu Cottige - Rest day - 3-1-2008

This is a nice hotel I stay so far and paid a good price. It's clean and workers are always helpful. I stay 3 night because I have to wait for my flight is on 5th.1.08.
After the morning prayers
Room I stay in Bali.
A swimming pool near the hotel.
My morning breakfast in Bali

Night With Balinese Karaoke

A kind man took me to airport to buy my flight ticket to K.L and later of the dayI ask him to have a beer with me to night, he said Ok why don't. So he took me to pub with karaoke. Had few bottles of beer and Arak.
Some Indon ladies in the pub.

Dead tortist on the beach.

Kuta - Rest day - 2-1-2008

Bali women statues
Hindu God Ganes
They fright against the Dutch
Flowers for prayer
God Ganes in front of the hotel in Bali