Friday, January 11, 2008

Probolinggo - cycling day 13 - 29-12-2007

Room Price : 50,000 R --------------------------Cycle Today : 35 Km
Start Time : 5.15 am ----------------------------End Time : 10.00 am
Start City : Brobolinggo -----------------End City : Situbondo
Start Km : 1054.22 Km --------------------------------End Km : 1154.85 km
Cycling Time :6 hr.44mints ------------------Grand Total: 14873
Average Speed : 14.9 Km--------------------Highest Speed : 42 Km

Probolinggo to Kraksaan, Paiton, Besuki, Panarukan, Pasir Puteh and Situbondo
Cycling Surabaya to Probolinggo Started rain at 4am, I start cycling at 6.00 am with the rain and the rain did not stop until I reach Probolinggo. The roads were full of hole and fill with rain water. I have to be extra careful.I did not go out. Watching TV the new is all about flood in Jember and Bali.

Before to work they go to play ground for excisesBull Cows are has lorry
Very tried old women sleeping in the bus
Night in Probolinggo

I went for my dinner met a nice family and invite me to her house.She have 2 girls and a boy. She is proud of a beautiful daughter. Girls here at young age they have boy friends. Look like its normal for them. The parents not mind having boy friends.

Beautiful young girls age 16years old

A group pictures with the family.

At the morning market in Probolinggo

It's the restoran I used to eat food

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